What To Look For When Buying Your British Made Sofa

Buying a sofa is a big investment for your home and we are proud to support the British economy and generate jobs for people in traditional industries by carrying British made sofas. We offer products of excellent British craftsmanship at great prices.

We know that it is important for the customer to feel like they have made the right choice with their purchase. With that in mind, here is a buyers’ guide to help you select the ideal Sofa for you with the help of interior designers to take you through the purchasing journey.

When observing the shape of your sofa you need a deeper knowledge of styles of fillings, feet, arms, cushions, and backs.

The back

You should consider the comfort and style provided by your sofa of choice just as you would the seats.

-    Cushion back: Most popular sofa back and comprises of two equal size fiber cushions placed on the back of the sofa. You can turn them, move them, or change the covers, which are removable for convenience.

-    Scatter back: more informal look comprising of a variety of sizeable fiber scatter cushions on the back of the sofa. This style gives excellent flexibility in the organization of the cushions based on your preference.

-    Fixed back: it is more formal and fixed with the back frame of the sofa being upholstered and sprung. It is low maintenance but does not have the same squish factor as the other sofa backs. It depends on what you prefer.

The seat

This part of the sofa needs to be right and depends on the user entirely.

-    Cushioned seats: this style is more traditional, you can turn and move the seats, and the covers can be removed for washing. The seats are typically filled with duck feather-wrapped foam, siliconized hollow fiber or reflex foam.

-    Fixed seats: this style involves the upholstery and springing of the sofa itself. It provides a tailored and neat appearance that needs no maintenance. Given that the cushions are fixed, the wear and tear will be found where people sit.

The arms

The arm determines whether a design is modern or classic and it should be kept in mind when thinking of proportions and space in the room the sofa will be in.

-    Scroll arms: found in traditional sofas and can have piping or pleating or be simple and clean in almost contemporary designs.

-    Pea arms: this classic style comprises of a low arm stopping short of the sofa front where the seat cushion hugs it.

-    Flared arms: they flare out slightly from the sofa bottom creating a welcoming feel. This type can occupy as much space as any wide, square sofa arm so think about this when making space for it in the room.

-    Square arms: popular for anyone seeking a contemporary look and come in various widths from wafer-thin to wide and striking.


The feet are constructed from exquisite solid wood to be screwed into the sofa’s hardwood frame.

-    Bun feet: shallow and round, typically found in classical designs

-    Turned feet: has added height than the bun but still classical

-    Sabre feet: wooden and angled, this style is elegant and simple but the foot should flare inwards.


The proper seat fillings provide you with the ideal maintenance and comfort on your sofa.

-    Stockinette wrapped around reflex foam: has a relatively firm and supportive sit, requires little maintenance, maintains the shape, and appears smarter than its softer counterparts.

-    Siliconized hollow fibres for a relaxed look and a softer sit with a quick plump-up and a shake-down after use

-    Feather-wrapped foam for a snug feeling and plumping up after use to retain the comfort and shape of the seat.


9th August 2017

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