Why You Need The Duresta Sofa In Your Home

If you are looking for exceptional furniture pieces to incorporate that touch of class and elegance to your home, Duresta is your ideal choice. Duresta upholstery has been in the business of using expert craftsmanship and exemplary design to create luxurious sofas and this is one of the factors that makes them on of the biggest UK manufacturers of furniture.

Duresta integrates a wide variety of top-notch fabrics into their designs giving each of their furniture pieces and designs a unique and different look that is still appealing. Careful attention to detail is incorporated into the process of furniture making and each product that Duresta produces has a personal touch to it with the use of handcrafted resources. Duresta sofas are acclaimed for being some of the most extraordinary and premium pieces you will find on the market. When it comes to quality standards and strict principals of providing customers with the best in materials, customer service and exceptional furniture, the bar is sky high for Duresta Sofas. You can be sure that the hands involved in the process of making the furniture are capable enough of delivering the kind of products you need from Duresta.

Duresta sofas come in collections such as English Classics, Domus, International Luxury, Club & Craft, and Boutique Abode.

The English Classics sofa collection has all the elements you require to develop a look that is traditional and beautiful in your home. it includes sofas in Knowle-style with ornate damasks, pleated arm details and tassel ties making a carefully re-invented statement for each modern home.

Sofas in the International Luxury range are all about detailing that indulges the eye, striking patterns that provoke your thoughts, and glamorous fabrics. Think of this collection as your home’s very own haute couture pieces.

Pieces from the Boutique Abode Collection are designed to bring a cosmopolitan element to your home. the inspiration for the sofas in this collection comes from some of the world’s finest boutique hotels that exude an effortless comfort and an air of luxury. For a formal but elegant look, the Boutique Abode collection has everything you will need with exquisitely detailed designs.

The club and craft collection exudes character and comfort to create a member’s club or ski lodge atmosphere. The sofas in this collection are based on casual luxury allowing you to sit back and sink in.

The Duresta Domus collection is more contemporary with a blend of luxury and comfort. It is all about structure and clean lines. Each piece in this collection is stylish in an effortless way and gives the modern home a timeless look.

9th August 2017

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