Parker Knoll Furniture Is Popular In Homes

Over a century ago, Parker Knoll came into being and now it is acclaimed for the creation of chairs and sofas of the highest quality. Parker Knoll is now a sizeable furniture manufacturer based in Nottinghamshire but it started out from a small workshop in London growing into the large industry it is today. In 2012, the company rebranded itself but it has transitioned from strength to strength which is why it has maintained its status as a leader in the UK market.

All furniture produced by Parker Knoll is crafted and handmade in Britain by some of the best craftsmen and it is set apart from other brands by its exceptional standards in quality and its unparalleled designs. All Parker Knoll furniture is made from high-quality fabrics and timber, which contributes to the sturdiness and comfort offered by the pieces.

You will be pleased to know that any piece by Parker Knoll is backed by a 25 year gaurantee valid and is subject to ascertain safety, reliability, and proper function. They are BSI ISO 9001 certified which highlights their strict quality standards. Parker Knoll’s certification maintains their commitment to the delivery of only the best specifications and improvements of their products. If you are looking for comfort that gives off an air of British luxury, Parker Knoll has collections of handcrafted furniture guaranteed to add a touch of class and elegance to any home under the sun.

The furniture collections produced by Parker Knoll are all handmade and British and examples such as the Lifestyle and Classic collections have been designed with the user in mind. There is plenty to choose from ranging from Motion sofas to Recliners to Traditional chair designs and Luxury Classic styles all of which have what it takes to complement your home by providing the perfect look. Parker Knoll also offers a wide collection of their latest fabrics and includes plain and classic designs. They use leather obtained from some of the best tanneries worldwide, heavy damasks, and soft chenille guaranteed to give the customer more than their share in terms of choices.

The Parker Knoll Classic Collection is all about timelessly elegant designs fused with extreme comfort and traditional styling. There are several assortments of fabric personally selected by the Parker Knoll design team to complement your suite perfectly. The classic collection includes the Westbury, Sloane, Newark, Harrow, and Canterbury ranges etc.

The Derwent Collection includes the Oval footstool, the buttoned footstool, the Wardlow, the Hathersage, the Bradwell, the Eastmoor, and Cavendish pieces.

The Parker Knoll Lifestyle Collection involves contemporary, comfortable, and modern motion furniture with the ideal styling, detailing, and craftsmanship for any modern home. This range features Sienna, Montana, Denver, Boston, and Albany pieces etc.

The Maison collection features Lucien, Juliette, Adele, Leon, Isabelle, Etienne, and Amelie pieces.

The Parker Knoll Simply collection features Darcey and Kate Pieces.


8th August 2017

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