What You Need To Know When Buying A Fixed Top Table

Your home should be as unique as your personality, which is why Lukehurst is dedicated to providing you with functional and affordable furniture that is still stylish. A dining table can be a very important purchase for your home, which is why you need to buy one that will last you for seasons to come. Whether you intend to buy a new fixed-top dining table, moving into a new home or looking to assimilate a family-friendly table into the home Lukehurst has all you need.

You are always better off knowing beforehand which table fits your home best in terms of size and style. Fixed top tables are available in various designs ranging from timeless trestle tables to sleek four-legged designs. Here are a few things to consider when making a purchase for a fixed top table.

Tips for buying a fixed-top table

1.    You will be better off with a fixed-top table that is made of a strong material so it can last you for years. Tables made from teak, oak, maple, walnut, or mahogany will be great options.

2.    Wood is great but you should not overlook a glass-top table. They are great in that they can work well with several home themes and their reflective surface makes them excellent for homes that need more light. Glass fixed-top tables are also made from tempered glass making them resistant to heat, glass and shattering.

3.    If you are constantly on the move, it is best to go for an easily transportable fixed top table. You can make some compromises to this effect without having to sacrifice style such as a lighter wooden table with metal features for an industrial-urban theme.

4.    Opt for a shape that can work for most rooms in your home. a round table looks great in living areas or compact rooms with square dining areas and it provides flexible seating. A six-seater will be able to take up 8 at an extra pinch and if the diameter is larger you will be able to seat more people. Rectangular fixed-top tables, however, will restrict the seating spots due to table-leg positions and the fact they can only seat one person at the ends.

5.    When it comes down to the basics, you can never go wrong with a fixed-top table that boasts of a solid base and clean lines. You will need to consider the fact that 2 feet of eating space will be required for each person. The table should also be 36 inches wide, at least, to provide for place settings and food placement.

21st August 2017

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