Buying The Perfect Gate Leg Table For Your Living Space

The special British invention known as the gate leg table is a piece of furniture that is the perfect combination of practicality and space efficiency. It is a kind of drop-leaf table with the sides of the table attached to the legs and hinged under the tabletop. The legs on this table usually swing out in a gate-like manner allowing elevation of the leaves to expand the table’s size.

How it works

This table style is quite popular in small areas for dining purposes considering one can collapse the table and display it on their wall as an accent table when it is not being used. It has one large leaf on either side of the table that folds down and out of the way allowing for storage. If you want to extend them, you will raise the leaves and swing out the legs from the middle to hold them up.

A gate leg table is an excellent option for a smaller kitchen or a studio apartment given that it can fold down to a fraction of its original size when it is not being used. It is also light enough allowing for convenient movement.

The gate leg tabletop is usually plain and oval or round while the legs are usually connected using stretchers and turned elaborately or spiraled. It is common for them to have a single drawer. They can be made out of maple, walnut, or oak but there are special versions of mahogany as well. There are all types of gate leg tables for all personal styles and room aesthetics.


Gateleg tables date back to the late 16th century with the baroque design booming all through the 17th century. This is typically seen in William and Mary furniture and Jacobean styles, which illustrate more intimate dining practices and less formal styles of the period. These tables were commonly utilized all through the 1700s slowly dying out in favor of more portable and elegant designs. 18th-century versions of the gate leg table usually have rectangular tabletops, and simpler, thinner legs.

You can be sure that we can provide whatever you are looking for be it traditional or contemporary. Lukehurst has the ideal gate leg table for any home in any kind of wood or finish with matching chairs to boot (with or without upholstery). We can order your table depending on your home’s color scheme or theme enabling you to complete the room accordingly.

28th August 2017

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