The Moreno Painted Collection


The furniture pieces in this collection are made of beautiful solid oak and finished with a beautiful mellow painted lacquer that gives a timeless quality. Wood furniture is, of course, a natural material that is a living material. The purpose of the tree trunk when it was once a tree was to bring up water and nutrients from the ground. Even after lumber is cut down and dried, the wood never dries out completely but it breathes, expanding and contracting with changes in humidity.

The finish or paint that is applied to the wood, therefore, needs to have the ability to allow the wood to breathe as well as move with the wood as it expands and contracts. If the paint or finish does not have this ability, fine cracks tend to appear on the wood grain patterns which cause the paint to peel or flake off.

Lacquer is a great bond for wood furniture. It is similar to nail polish in that it is chip resistant and durable when applied to the moving organic surface of a wooden structure. Lacquer is better than paint because the paint is typically meant to seal and block surfaces below it which inhibits its ability to move with the wood. The typical lifespan of painted solid wood furniture ranges between 5 to 7 years while lacquer painted furniture lasts 2 to 4 times longer than paint.

Moreno Painted Collection Furniture Pieces

The Moreno Painted Collection is admirable for its elegant forms with clean lines and contemporary styling. Beautiful pieces to introduce into your home include the Moreno Painted Highboard that holds glass display panels, mellow painted lacquer finish with a beautiful oak polished top.

This classic European furniture piece looks impressive in your living room and serves a great eyepiece and conversation starter.

The Moreno Painted Collection is renowned for its individuality and attention to detail. You can transform your bedroom into an aesthetic masterpiece with beautiful furniture pieces that will inspire you day after day.

A classic piece to add to your bedroom is the Moreno Painted Bedstead with a high headboard and a bottom drawer storage that is both functional and aesthetic. The mellow lacquer sets off the beautiful tone and invites comfort and luxury. The top of the headboard and footboard are finished off with smooth oak for a timeless feel. This exquisitely handcrafted furniture piece creates a great focal point for your room and symbolizes simplicity and comfort.

Another addition to your bedroom is the Moreno Painted 4 Door Wardrobe. This has a dimension of 2000mm in height, 2160mm in width and a depth of 600mm. The finished white lacquer gives it a clean and modern look that will serve all your storage needs. The polished oak at the top of the wardrobe adds a traditional authentic feel to an otherwise modern piece. This stunning piece is built to last with superior quality oak and meticulous workmanship. Its high resilience is perfect for homes with children and gives you excellent value over its lifetime.

8th October 2017

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