The Sorento Collection

The Sorento Collection

The Sorento Collection covers a retro style that shows off gorgeous curved lines against toughened glass displays. The semi-clear lacquer finish gives a warm tone to the overall feel of a room while highlighting the classical beauty of the furniture pieces.

The furniture pieces in this collection range from lamp tables to a variety of pedestal tables to beautiful wall mirrors.

Pedestal Tables

The beautiful wooden extending pedestal tables with cleverly hidden butterfly extension leaves below the surface provide versatility both to your dining table and coffee table requirements. The Sorento Round Dining Table is a free-standing single pedestal table made of solid oak and finished with a warm clear lacquer. This round table is perfect for small spaces with a height of 760mm, a radius of 1200mm and an extension width of 500mm.

For larger dining spaces, the Sorento Extending Dining Table can comfortably seat 6-8 people with a maximum of 10 people. The twin pedestals and drum shape of the table increase the width dimension to 2000-2500mm making it ideal for larger rooms.


Mirrors add visual excitement and panache to any room and there are several factors to consider the type of mirror that will suit a particular room. Mirrors have the ability to define and enhance the existing beauty of a room.

Mirrors naturally brighten and expand a room by making a dark and small room feel more spacious and inviting. Beautiful wall mirrors can add a special effect to space as well as create an interesting focal point.

The important aspects to consider when selecting a mirror include:

  1. Style

Some mirrors lack frames and their unique style or shape typically create a presence in the room on their own. A framed mirror, on the other hand, needs to have its own style to create a statement. Wooden frames provide a traditional and classic style that never goes out of style. The Sorento Mirror shows off its beautiful oak frame with its gorgeous curved lines and a warm sheer lacquer finish. The radius of 700mm makes it ideal for most living room spaces, dining rooms and along your corridor.

  1. Size

Size is an important factor to consider because the mirror is directly influenced by the size of the wall where you will hang it and how big an impact you want the mirror to have in the space. In order to make a big impact on a large wall in either your dining room or living room, then choose a large mirror that is at least 3 feet wide.

In order to accent smaller spaces such as a wall close to your entryway, go for a mirror that measures about 10 inches in diameter.

  1. Shape

Mirrors come in a variety of shapes with square and rectangular shapes being quite common and providing a more traditional look. For a unique look, go for an oval or circular mirror. The Sorento Oval Mirror creates a striking yet simple look that adds sophistication and elegance to any room. 

10th October 2017

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