Himolla Cumuly

The Himolla Cumuly furniture collection embodies heavenly and pleasant experiences that transform the way you experience your furniture every day. The Himolla brand is one the country’s leading manufacturers of furniture and a major distributor all over the world.

The important considerations for this company are the excellent combination of intuitive design and excellent quality materials that make furniture for the way people live. Furniture should go beyond just the functional aspects but also incorporate comfort and beauty.

The Himolla Cumuly collection ranges from a variety of reclining chair options to 2-seater and 3-seater sofas and swivel chairs. The apex of the Himolla collection is to help you experience the utmost relaxation through manual powered controls and ergonomically moulded backrests.

Types of sofas

Sofas come in different shapes and sizes and it is essential to figure out what is the right combination for you that will work well in your living room space.

  1. Two-seater sofas

Two-seater sofas are ideal for smaller living room spaces and they also serve as an additional piece to a larger suite. They can either come as a stand-alone furniture piece or comprise a larger suite with a three-seater sofa and an armchair.

Combining two two-seaters in your living room gives it a cozy and spacious feel. The Himolla Cumuly Lune 2-seater comes with two independently operated built-in footrests and independently adjustable backrests which you operate by either pulling or releasing the leather toggles.

The seater is made with the highest quality leather and the headrests are also adjustable on the reclining furniture pieces. You can also activate the footrests by pushing back in the seat in a certain manner.

The 5-year guarantee covers the upholstery materials, armrests, the frame, sub-padding, springing and stationary bearing components to ensure that you will enjoy your 2-seater for a long time.

  1. Three-seater sofas

Three-seater sofas are typically the main seating element in a living room and usually offer the largest space for most people to occupy. The traditional three-seater sofas usually comprise of two large base cushions and a padded back. The standard measurements for three-seaters are about 84” or just over two meters wide. This, of course, varies with different styles and cushion plump.

The Himolla Lune sofas come in a variety of colors and shapes. The Himolla Lune Curved 3 Seater Sofa comes in a unique curved shape and has integral footrests.  This furniture piece is handcrafted to provide the utmost comfort and relaxation with over 100 available leather color options and 2 comfort seat options i.e. either a soft or medium seat tension. The latest manufacturing techniques ensure that your seater will serve you comfortably for years to come.

  1. Recliners

Reclining seating combines the practicality of a sofa or armchair with the comfort of lying down in a more relaxed manner by raising the footrest and lowering the back of the seat. Recliners can be operated either manually by a lever or button or by an electric function.

The Himolla Chester Powered Reclining Chair, the Himolla Mosel Manual Reclining Chair and the Himolla Rhine Large Dual Motor Powered Reclining Chair are all made to the highest quality standards to guarantee excellent functioning and greatest comfort.


11th October 2017

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