Himolla Carron

Himolla remains an authority in manufacture of world class chairs. The German manufacturer has incorporated technology into its operations to provide the perfect chair for the world today. The chairs are now on sale and in use around the world. Himolla has a reputation of making chairs that reflect how people live. This means comfort and the power to customize your experience. One of such chairs is the Himolla Carron series.

Himolla Carron is designed with a recliner that is part of the intuitive and comfortable design that is associated with Himolla. The Carron chair comes in four sizes of X-large, large, medium and small. This allows you to set up an office with a proportionate chair. It also caters for the budgetary needs of different customers.

Himolla Carron comes with a 360o rotation capability that makes your work station easy to access without having to drag the seat. Moving parts are world class to enable the free rotation. They come with a warranty of up to 2 years.

Carron has an easy reach breaking system that enables you to lock at your preferred position. The lock is easy to reach regardless of how far you have reclined. It also holds you in place despite the weight.

Variety offered by Himolla Carron

Wood frames are available in a variety of colors and themes to enable you complement other fittings in your house. This includes a wooden feel on the frame and a metallic feel. This gives your chair and office or home a classical feel. The materials used on the seating area also offer incredible variety including leather. Their colors also range from white to black and other colors in between. This is a perfect feature to match the appearance of your home or office.

The seats come in two density options. There is the soft variety and the medium option. This ensures that you get a chair that is comfortable and meets your expectations. Himolla Carron also comes with a headrest. There are a number of designs available for your headrest based on your taste. Tilt adjustments for the headrests are also manual. There are optional extras that are used to further customize your seat. 

Carron Footstool

Footstools are sold separately from the chairs. They come with tilt adjustment that increases your level of comfort. The footstools come in different sizes in terms of width, height and depth. Other footstools are not adjustable but still come in the three dimensions of small, medium and large.

Himolla Carron chairs are available at reasonable prices. The prices guarantee excellent value for money considering the quality of materials used and its durability. You order the chair online with excellent offers on delivery wherever you are. Whatever you see online is the exact product you get when it is delivered.

The base is designed to hold the chair in position as you recline or swivel around. It can support people of extreme weights and is thus an ideal as well as firm option.  With the Himolla Carron chair, you have the freedom to customize your sitting position in order to achieve comfort. 

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Himolla Carron Extra Large Manual Reclining Chair
Himolla Carron Large Manual Reclining ChairHimolla Carron Large Manual Reclining Chair
Himolla Carron Large Manual Reclining Chair
*Footstool is not included

Himolla Carron Medium Manual Reclining ChairHimolla Carron Medium Manual Reclining Chair
Himolla Carron Small Manual Reclining ChairHimolla Carron Small Manual Reclining Chair
Himolla Carron Small Manual Reclining Chair
*Footstool is not included