28th August 2017

Buying The Perfect Gate Leg Table For Your Living Space

The special British invention known as the gate leg table is a piece of furniture that is the perfect combination of practicality and space efficiency. It is a kind of drop-leaf table with the sides of the table attached to the legs and hinged under the tabletop. The legs on this table usually swing out in a gate-like manner allowing elevation of the leaves to expand the table’s size. How it... Read More
21st August 2017

What You Need To Know When Buying A Fixed Top Table

Your home should be as unique as your personality, which is why Lukehurst is dedicated to providing you with functional and affordable furniture that is still stylish. A dining table can be a very important purchase for your home, which is why you need to buy one that will last you for seasons to come. Whether you intend to buy a new fixed-top dining table, moving into a new home or looking to assimilate... Read More
16th August 2017

What To Look For In A Good Extending Table

The dining table is probably the most important piece of furniture in the kitchen. It has the power to determine the aesthetic of a dining room or kitchen considering that it is the focal point in the home as well as a gathering spot. When buying a dining table, especially an extending one you will need to consider a few things such as flexibility in size and shape and strength. Size It is essential... Read More
15th August 2017

How To Buy The Perfect Dining Chairs For Your Home

When looking for the perfect set of dining chairs for your home, you have to ensure they are comfortable and durable to endure years of sitting and children’s sticky fingers. Most people typically overlook comfort and durability for looks when they are shopping for dining chairs. However, the key is to attain the perfect balance between quality, endurance, and the comfort element with their... Read More
14th August 2017

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A 4-Door Sideboard

Sideboards have evolved to exhibit enhanced functionality since they were first created. They are mostly found in dining rooms and more recently, in kitchens due to their abundance of storage space and the increased use of kitchens for dining purposes in new home designs. Sideboards are used for the storage of cutlery, crockery, utensils, and dishes and small kitchen appliances such as toasters, mixers,... Read More
9th August 2017

What To Look For When Buying Your British Made Sofa

Buying a sofa is a big investment for your home and we are proud to support the British economy and generate jobs for people in traditional industries by carrying British made sofas. We offer products of excellent British craftsmanship at great prices. We know that it is important for the customer to feel like they have made the right choice with their purchase. With that in mind, here is a buyers’... Read More
9th August 2017

Why You Need The Duresta Sofa In Your Home

If you are looking for exceptional furniture pieces to incorporate that touch of class and elegance to your home, Duresta is your ideal choice. Duresta upholstery has been in the business of using expert craftsmanship and exemplary design to create luxurious sofas and this is one of the factors that makes them on of the biggest UK manufacturers of furniture. Duresta integrates a wide variety of top-notch... Read More
9th August 2017

Why The Duresta Waldorf Collection Is The Best For A Touch Of Class

Since 1938, Duresta has been bringing luxurious upholstery to life and into homes in England while calling upon skilled handmade craftsmanship, and exemplary design which is what makes Duresta one of the UK’s most outstanding manufacturers of furniture. Duresta has assimilated an extensive assortment of high-quality fabrics to their designs giving each of their pieces of furniture an alluring... Read More
9th August 2017

Why The Ercol Romana Collection Should Be Your Go-To For Furniture

Ercol was founded in the UK and is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the UK. It comprises of an extensive collection of products such as bed frames, wardrobes, sideboards, chests, sofas, and tables making Ercol one of the most versatile furniture manufacturers. Ercol considers design to be a high priority in addition to aesthetic, function, and comfort, all of which come into play during... Read More
9th August 2017

Having Italian Dining Furniture In Your Home

There is a wide range of Italian dining furniture in our showrooms and available for order online from high-end brands like Dom Italia and Alf Dining with a vast selection of dining furniture to look through. You may be looking for something more contemporary or modern or a traditional choice with matching chairs for your dining table; rest assured you would find anything within your preference here... Read More
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