You Need To Buy The Stressless Mayfair Chair

Stressless chairs are the best when it comes to unparalleled support and comfort. Stressless was designed in 1971 as the first recliner chair specifically made for movement, extra support, and adjusting to the user’s body. Since its inception, Stressless has become popular among users and has grown to become one of the chair manufacturing industry’s most trusted brands.

Even though the Stressless range was designed while considering support and comfort, the furniture also looks equally as impressive and each of the parts is manufactured in the fjord locations in Norway.

The Stressless range includes a variety of 2-seater sofas, 3-seater sofas, ottoman stools, swivel chairs, and armchairs, which all feature the supportive design that is the company’s trademark.

The Stressless Mayfair chair is just as sleek and elegant as is suggested by the name. It boasts of a supportive seat, padded arms, and smooth, clean lines that make this recliner chair the ultimate invitation to extreme relaxation. The Stressless Mayfair recliner chair comes in three sizes, large, medium, and small and it is available in all wood finishes available and all Stressless leathers.

The Stressless Mayfair chair has a Plus System that conveniently adjusts the lumbar support in accordance with the headrest giving the user perfect support from any position. It has Stressless Glide wheels that allow the user to use their body weight to adjust the chair to the most comfortable position for you. The chair has comfort zones that give the user the best seating position for ideal comfort. The internal mechanism of the chair has a 10-year guarantee.

The Stressless Mayfair chair has been developed with perforated foam that is directly molded over the chair frame. The new comfort-zone technology featured by the chair has indentations that allow the body to sink into the seat deeper providing the user with a boosted feeling of comfort. An added soft space-age foam pad on the chair provided maximum support. You can be sure that if you buy a Stressless chair, it will last you for years to come and this is why the internal mechanism is guaranteed for 10 years. To top it all off, the Stressless Mayfair chair is covered with high-quality fabric or top-grain leather that gives the entire design a sophisticated look and a luxurious feel.

The Stressless Mayfair chair is also available in 140 vibrant colors or more and 4 leather qualities giving the user plenty of choices to suit their decorating and comfort needs. There is the standard hourglass base on each of the Stressless chair designs made from high-quality European beech wood.


28th May 2017

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