Why The Duresta Waldorf Collection Is The Best For A Touch Of Class

Since 1938, Duresta has been bringing luxurious upholstery to life and into homes in England while calling upon skilled handmade craftsmanship, and exemplary design which is what makes Duresta one of the UK’s most outstanding manufacturers of furniture. Duresta has assimilated an extensive assortment of high-quality fabrics to their designs giving each of their pieces of furniture an alluring and unique appearance. The Duresta process involves extensive attention to detail in each element in combination with personal touches and handmade materials all of which is infused into each product of Duresta.

Duresta has brought some of the most original and premium armchairs, footstools, and sofas to the market all of which would make an excellent addition to any style and any home. Duresta has imposed strict principals and maintained an impeccable degree of quality in the creation of unique furniture, and offering incredible customer service, and the best materials. Duresta has remarkable craftspeople that put their heart and soul into their work ensuring you have the very best for your home.

Duresta has been a champion in creating unique artisan furniture for more than 75 years all of which are guaranteed to become surefire heirlooms for future generations.

Duresta features the English Classics collection (one of several), which implements all the aspects necessary to develop a traditional but aesthetically pleasing look. The English Classics Collection includes features such as ornate damasks, pleated arm details, and tassel ties on Knole-style sofas and each signature style is re-envisioned carefully to suit the modern homeowner.

Duresta Waldorf falls under the English Classics collection and is the ultimate embodiment of sophistication and elegant design, which is why it is one of the most preferred models by Duresta. The Waldorf range involves extreme comfort and the pieces have lovely scroll arm detail which combines to convey the understated feeling of English luxury you have come to know and love from Duresta.

The products in the Duresta Waldorf range include the Waldorf Chair, the Waldorf 2-seater sofa, the Waldorf 2.5 seater sofa, The Waldorf 3-seater sofa, and the Waldorf Grand Split Sofa. It should be noted that there will always be a +/- 3cm tolerance given the handcrafted nature of the products even though the extra effort is made to provide the correct sizes.

The standard specifications for products in the Duresta Waldorf range include:

-    Soft cover or leather for the seats

-    Two large and two small scatters for the grand, 2 small scatters for the 2.5 seater and 3 seaters, and 1 scatter for the chairs.

-    A mahogany wood finish, a duck feather scatter and backfilling, and a fiber filling for the seat

-    A hardwood frame, serpentine sprung back, and a sprung edge for the coil sprung seat 

9th August 2017

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