We offer an amazing selection of chairs to suit all requirements. Whether you want one to match your sofa or something to coordinate with it, the choice of fabric and leather chairs is fantastic.

The wide range of armchairs, recliner and swivel chairs that we offer includes both classic and contemporary looks. Fireside and wing chairs tend to have a traditional feel. A well-placed accent chair, in a contrasting fabric, can quickly change the personality of a room. Snuggler chairs are great for curling up on, or if you’re feeling generous, sharing with a loved one (human or pet!). And if you struggle getting up from a chair, a Lift &Rise Recliner Chair can make life so much easier.

Lukehurst chairs are sourced from brands across the UK and Europe, including top brands such as Himolla, Stressless, G Plan, Parker Knoll and Sherborne.

Our Easy Delivery chairs are designed for easy delivery to any room in any house. Supplied packed in a box to give access to any room in any home, they are perfect for narrow halls or doorways, tricky corners & tight staircases – simply unbox from the recyclable packaging and take to the required room. Assembly is quick and easy, in under 5 minutes with no tools required, thanks to the easy lock-in mechanism which features a tapered design with hard nylon edges keeping the model rigid. They are handmade in the UK by a team of highly skilled craftsmen, using the best quality materials and paying great attention to detail. All have pocket sprung bases to add that extra layer of comfort, and they are ready for quick delivery.

So whatever your needs, we’re sure you will find something to suit you here at Lukehurst.  

Visit our showrooms in Sittingbourne or Rainham where our friendly team will be delighted to help you find the right products for you, or give us a ring or order online!