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19th January 2018

5 Inspired Living Room Furniture Ideas - [Infographic]

We hope you have found this infographic an inspiration to your next living room creation for more ideas please check out our wide range of furniture and well known brands to choose from. Read More
12th October 2017

Himolla Easy Swing

Himolla is a deserved leader in manufacturer of furniture in Germany. It started as a small manufacturer and has grown by leaps and bounds into one of the most-sort-after suppliers of seats in the world. The furniture is exceptional and designed to respond to the natural instincts and way of life of the user. Himolla Easy Swing has adopted intuitive technology to provide comfort through its designs.... Read More
11th October 2017

Himolla Cumuly

The Himolla Cumuly furniture collection embodies heavenly and pleasant experiences that transform the way you experience your furniture every day. The Himolla brand is one the country’s leading manufacturers of furniture and a major distributor all over the world. The important considerations for this company are the excellent combination of intuitive design and excellent quality materials that... Read More
10th October 2017

The Sorento Collection

The Sorento Collection
The Sorento Collection covers a retro style that shows off gorgeous curved lines against toughened glass displays. The semi-clear lacquer finish gives a warm tone to the overall feel of a room while highlighting the classical beauty of the furniture pieces. The furniture pieces in this collection range from lamp tables to a variety of pedestal tables to beautiful wall mirrors. Pedestal Tables The... Read More
9th October 2017

The Moreno Oak Collection

The Moreno Oak Collection offers an abundance of choice and variety ranging from coffee tables with drawers to a variety of chest of drawers to functional TV units to drop leaf tables with hidden drawers. For lovers of solid oak, look no further than the Moreno Oak Collection to satisfy your dining and living room furniture needs. The Moreno Oak Collection spells elegance and functionality. The pieces... Read More
8th October 2017

The Moreno Painted Collection

The furniture pieces in this collection are made of beautiful solid oak and finished with a beautiful mellow painted lacquer that gives a timeless quality. Wood furniture is, of course, a natural material that is a living material. The purpose of the tree trunk when it was once a tree was to bring up water and nutrients from the ground. Even after lumber is cut down and dried, the wood never dries... Read More
7th October 2017

Himolla Zerostress

Himolla has a history of offering the best quality furniture that also guarantees comfort. In line with its corporate philosophy of innovativeness and provision of comfort, Himolla has developed the line of Himolla Zerostress seats. This is a thoughtful design that places the interests of the user before anything else. The line of seats incorporates technology, quality materials and inventive design... Read More
6th October 2017

Himolla Elbe

Himolla Elbe is a German manufactured chair that is famed for offering comfort and the power to customize your experience. This is in line with a long standing corporate philosophy of personalized comfort that can be traced on all Himolla products. The chairs are also strong and durable, guaranteeing excellent value for money. Customized Options Himolla manufactures chairs with unique features... Read More
28th August 2017

Buying The Perfect Gate Leg Table For Your Living Space

The special British invention known as the gate leg table is a piece of furniture that is the perfect combination of practicality and space efficiency. It is a kind of drop-leaf table with the sides of the table attached to the legs and hinged under the tabletop. The legs on this table usually swing out in a gate-like manner allowing elevation of the leaves to expand the table’s size. How it... Read More
21st August 2017

What You Need To Know When Buying A Fixed Top Table

Your home should be as unique as your personality, which is why Lukehurst is dedicated to providing you with functional and affordable furniture that is still stylish. A dining table can be a very important purchase for your home, which is why you need to buy one that will last you for seasons to come. Whether you intend to buy a new fixed-top dining table, moving into a new home or looking to assimilate... Read More
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