What To Look For In A Good Extending Table

The dining table is probably the most important piece of furniture in the kitchen. It has the power to determine the aesthetic of a dining room or kitchen considering that it is the focal point in the home as well as a gathering spot. When buying a dining table, especially an extending one you will need to consider a few things such as flexibility in size and shape and strength.


It is essential that you get the right size of the table for your house when shopping for one. If you want to buy a 6-seater table that extends out, you need to ensure it has at least 180 cm resting dimension length. This will provide sufficient space at the ends to prevent guests seated at the table from knocking knees with each other at dinner. You will then be able to scale that length down to at least 140cm for a 4-seater or scale it up to around 220 cm for an 8-seater.

High-quality Hardware

This factor is often sacrificed for the sake of price and designer styles. The first thing you need to do is when determining whether an extending table is constructed poorly is to let down the side. Ensure the hardware looks clean and sturdy; a table with a silver patina finish will be indicated whether the steel is electro-galvanized to protect against rust. When done right, the coating should last even 20 years. Ensure the sliding mechanism is smooth and lacking speed bumps and that the wire system does not rattle and is tight.


Look out for sap wood in your extending table. It appears as a light colored area of light colored wood in the table’s main fabric. Sapwood is obtained from closer to the center of the tree and is usually weaker and softer. Some furniture makers use low-grade sapwood as a trick to save money. This is why you need to be cautious if you want something long lasting by making sure the wood has a consistent overall color and grain. However, if you are looking for an extending table made out of recycled wood it should have defects confirming its originality while new wood is consistent and smooth.


This is dependent on you, as the best extending table design is that which you love and can afford. The design is all about the details such as proportioned angles, classic edges, and tightly fixed joints. A good craftsman will pride themselves in making a good design while an incompetent one will not consider quality in the finish. Sanding is also an essential factor in addition to symmetry contributing to the ageless beauty of your extending table as opposed to trends.

You can be sure that at Lukehurst you will be able to find the extending table of your dreams guaranteed to last you for years to come.

16th August 2017

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