The Moreno Oak Collection

The Moreno Oak Collection offers an abundance of choice and variety ranging from coffee tables with drawers to a variety of chest of drawers to functional TV units to drop leaf tables with hidden drawers. For lovers of solid oak, look no further than the Moreno Oak Collection to satisfy your dining and living room furniture needs.

The Moreno Oak Collection spells elegance and functionality. The pieces are made from solid oak timber with a Scandinavian oil finish to enhance the wood’s beauty. Clever designs make these pieces ideal for those requiring furniture that does not take up too much space in your dining room, living room or office.

Choosing the right dining table for your space means taking into account several factors such as how big your space is, the look of your dining table and how much seating you want. Your table needs to allow your diners to seat comfortably with enough room to walk around it.

Tips for choosing the right size of dining table

  1. Table-to-wall-clearance

The first thing to do is to measure the entire space of your dining room. With this in mind, the right size to get for your dining table is one that leaves about 42-48” between your walls and table which allows your diners to sit down comfortably and also get up easily from their seats.

  1. Table-to-furniture clearance

You also need to take into account any furniture that you may have in your dining space. In this regard, you begin your measurement from the edge of the furniture instead of the wall and leave a space of 42-48” for comfortable movement.

A simple trick to help you visualize the actual dimensions in your dining space is to take a bed sheet and fold it into the shape of the table and place it where you want your table to go. This gives a clear visual of how much space the table will take up, thereafter, you can measure the table-to-furniture clearance or wall-to-furniture clearance.

Shapes of tables

Round tables

Round tables are perfect for small spaces and have no sharp corners that you can bump into. They also tend to fit more people. Round tables with pedestal bases allow more seating. The Moreno Oak Round Pedestal Dining Table has an elegant oak pedestal leg and also has an extension leaf which can comfortably seat 4-6 people with a maximum of 8 people.

Another interesting piece from the Moreno Oak Collection is the Moreno Oak Double Pedestal Extending Dining Table that has twin pedestals. This comes with a 150cm extension leaf giving it an extended 250cm size. The drum edge dining table is thereby able to comfortably seat 12 people.

The Moreno Oak Extending Dining Table comes in two sizes, a large size one measuring 180cm long with a 50cm extension leaf and the smaller one which measures 150cm long with a 39cm extension leaf. The extension leafs are cleverly concealed at the end of the table and operate with a simple pull-out mechanism making them ideal for smaller spaces.

9th October 2017

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