Himolla Easy Swing

Himolla is a deserved leader in manufacturer of furniture in Germany. It started as a small manufacturer and has grown by leaps and bounds into one of the most-sort-after suppliers of seats in the world. The furniture is exceptional and designed to respond to the natural instincts and way of life of the user.


Himolla Easy Swing has adopted intuitive technology to provide comfort through its designs. This has resulted in seats that can be reclined automatically by touch or a button or manually. The headrests are also comfortably adjustable to enable you customize your posture. This enables you to create your favorite seat, right inside your house.


Himolla seats allow you to work comfortably and thus be more productive. By the end of the day, you will not have to groan about fatigue and discomfort. After all, the seat is personalized to fit your work environment and its demands. Personalization also includes colors and the material used in production.


Features that come with Himolla Easy Swing seats

Himolla has incorporated innovative technology to enable you operate the backrest independently. The backrest is gas sprung to enable it achieve the desired positioning. The seats also come with footrests that are in-built. This enables you to control the footrests independently in your endeavor to customize the seat.


Himolla seats give you a 360o swing ability. This enables you to get to all corners of your desk or office without dragging the seat. The headrests are manually adjusted to increase your level of comfort. The seats come in different qualities and colors to give your office a personalized look.



The quality of seats by Himolla is a guarantee for durability. The seats by Himolla come with a guarantee of five years on leather, fabrics and the frames. Moving parts also have a guarantee of 2 years. The frames are hardy and made of still, which is a guarantee for long life. This is an assurance that you are getting the best quality furniture for your home or office.



Because Himolla is known for giving buyers the freedom to customize their seats, you will get the most incredible variety you can think about. The seats come in different varieties to suit budgets and personal taste. Among the materials used are wood finishes and leather. You will therefore select a seat the complements the other installations in your home.


The seats come in three sizes of small, medium and large. The quality across the three sizes is maintained at maximum. The three sizes also have electric versions to match the tastes of individual buyers. To ensure stability, the base is world class with five different options to choose from. The prices are extremely reasonable and guarantee excellent value for money.


About Himolla

Himolla is a name that is associated with comfort, quality and customization. The brand has grown from a small village in Germany and proceeded to conquer the world of furniture. The furniture is inspired by the philosophy of corporate comfort and the need to create an personalized work environment that enhances productivity.

12th October 2017

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