National Bed Month

National Bed Month takes place very March and is designed to raise awareness of the importance of a good night’s sleep. It was originally introduced by The Sleep Council and the National Bed Federation in 1990, but its key message is still the same – to promote the importance of healthy sleep habits.

It aims to encourage people to sleep better and advise them how to do so. Besides the importance of sleep itself, the month is also intended to raise awareness about the importance of a quality bed and how it contributes to ensuring a proper night’s sleep.

The Sleep Council has now joined with The Sleep Charity as part of a strong, ambitious mission to empower the nation to sleep better. The two organisations have both worked hard over the years, to achieve change and support to those affected by lack of sleep. By merging, they have strengthened their complementary services to speak with one voice, improve the impact of their work and to raise the profile of sleep as a major factor for health and wellbeing.

The Sleep Charity’s website offers a comprehensive resource of sleep information, including advice if you are looking for a new bed.

More advice and information about beds and mattresses can also be found on the Bed Advice UK website brought to you by the National Bed Federation. Offering generic advice on whether your bed is past its best, choosing a new one or how to care for it, there is a plethora of information and advice for you to read through.

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