Himolla has over 70 years of experience in manufacturing upholstered furniture which guarantees not only durability and reliability, but also exceptional design quality and comfort.

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Himolla Recliners, outstanding comfort - treat yourself


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Himolla Carron is a stylish swivel recliner chair with integrated footrest, offering quality and luxury with easy adjustment to ensure your comfort.  

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Himolla Corrib is a luxurious swivel recliner chair with stitch detailing across the seat back. It offers easy adjustment and a choice of an integrated footrest or separate footstool.

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Himolla Elbe is a stylish and comfortable swivel recliner chair with stitch detailing down the seat back. A matching footstool is available. 

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Himolla Mersey swivel recliner, with its sweeping curved arms, makes a real design statement. It is available with a manual or electric recline mechanism.

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Himolla Mosel offers the same stunning design, comfort and function as the Mersey but with stitch detailing down the seat back.

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Himolla Sinatra is a smooth recliner, with integrated footrest amd headrest, that swivels and adjusts to suit you. Available with a stainless steel or wooden base.

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Himolla Tanat is a stylish swivel recliner chair with integrated footrest, offering quality and luxury with easy adjustment to ensure your comfort. 

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Himolla Sofas and Sofa Groups, outstanding quality and comfort



Himolla Chester is a co-ordinating sofa and chair collection, offering a recline option with integrated footrest across the range. A matching footstool is also available.  

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Himolla Cygnet is a contemporary sofa and chair range. The armchair features recline and integrated footrest.The sofas are available with or wthout this function.

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Himolla Rhine is a stylish range of 2- and 3-seater sofas and a chair, all with a recline option featuring an integrated footrest. A matching storage footstool is also available.  

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Himolla Themse is a comfy 2- and 3- seater sofa and chair range, with the choice of wooden or covered sides and the option of a reclining back and integrated footrest. 

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Himolla History

Himolla have been manufacturing quality recliners, sofas & chairs for over 70 years. Their state of the art factory is in Germany in a town called Taufkirchen, just outside Munich. 

Offering a choice of leather or fabric, each piece of Himolla furniture is made to order, with 2 seat tensions, a selection of wood colours for models with visible beechframes and recline options on many models.

Quality Assured

Each piece of furniture made by Himolla is carefully tested to ensure it's only of the very best quality. From the upholstery to the electrical components of their recliners, everything has to prove its durability and strength to be allowed to make it into someone's home.

A number of parts for their products include a five-year manufacturer's guarantee as proof of their excellent quality, offering you protection for elements such as the frame and padding of any chair or sofa you buy.

Cumuly by Himolla

Himolla Cumuly offers a range of sofas & recliners with integral footrests. As a manual recliner, the footrest opens out from under the chair by pushing back in the seat, the backrest is operated using the pull toggle located to the side of the seat which when pulled activates the gas spring allowing the backrest to move; when released the backrest will stop in your chosen position. Also available as dual motor electric recliners on some models, each reclining piece has a manually operated headrest in this Himolla range.

Zerostress by Himolla

The Zerostress collection is the most versatile in size options with 4 sizes available in each chair for a chair that fits you perfectly. Himolla Zerostress also offers recliners with separate footstools. 

Not only are they stylish and forward-thinking, but their up-to-date designs are just as comfortable and durable as the more classic styles. Whether you want traditional or contemporary, Himolla's furniture is timeless and will look and feel stunning for years to come. Furnish your home in the way that it and you both deserve.

Choose Himolla furniture from Lukehurst and guarantee quality and style.

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